Blindz (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mark Bennett


A unique peek gimmick that makes the spectator blind but gives you a clear view. 8 years in the making, Blindz allows you to keep the peek device in plain sight whilst keeping its secrets from your audience.

What makes this peek different and the best, is its unique design. This peek is out in the open as an item so common in this day and age, making it the most natural peek in today's world.

"That's really slick Dog...Hmmm That would solve a whole lot of problems I've had over the years."
- Doc Eason

"Oh you sneaky Son of a....That's going to open up so much...OH!"
- Alan Rorrison

"Oh Sh**...This is the thing that every magician has been trying to achieve in 20 years"
- Matt Edwards

"That's Mental...I'm in"
- Matt Daniel-Baker

"What!! WOW oh WOW That's MAD!"
- Nathan Jones (Griffin & Jones)