Light Box (Blue) by Sebastien Calbry & Dylan Sausset


Sebastien Calbry and Dylan Sausset produced by Magic Dream have combined their boundless creativity to bring you a unique card reveal that is sure to amaze your audience!

Camouflaged in an ordinary Bicycle card case, Light Box will allow you to reveal a chosen card using the light of any smartphone! Yes, you read that right, a beam of light will be your revelation!

A card is chosen and lost in the deck. You then take your case and show it empty and shine a torch on it from a borrowed smartphone. At any moment, the light turns into the chosen card! And that's not all, the chosen card has now disappeared from the deck and has found its way into the case.

Supplied with the specially gimmicked case, made by gimmick expert Sebastien Calbry (along with the Bicycle deck), you will receive 2 gimmicks allowing you to reveal 2 different cards. You can therefore redo the effect with a different card without any problem.

Strong points:

  • Super visual
  • Easy to do
  • Interchangeable gimmicks to reveal multiple cards
  • Bicycle quality

Works with any smartphone (may need programming on yours to do it hands-free), you have 100% control over the triggering of the appearance

Available in red or blue Bicycle tuck