The Baffling Blocks by Alan Wong and Ashton Carter


Three small metal blocks are passed to your audience, within seconds they are experiencing a strange and impossible feeling.

Alan Wong and Ashton Carter have taken mutual deep interest in this effect and turned it into wonder filled performances.

Your participant picks up all three blocks and then picking up the top block to discover it weighs more than all three blocks. It defies science, logic and they experience real astonishment!

Ashton Carter is a professional magician from the UK and has been performing this effect for over eight years. He has created customized routines that can fit almost any performance style, in this dedicated book 'Magician's Guide To The Baffling Blocks' which includes ten full routines and five variations, tried and tested for real audiences by Ashton, including his full street show script that can earn you the cost of the effect in less than one hour of performing in a busking situation. Also included are:

  • How Ashton use the blocks to get drinks and coffee bought for him.
  • How to prove the existence of fairies for children.
  • Routines focused on comedy, mentalism, hypnosis, bizarre magic and seances.
  • The history of the effect
  • An essay on the science behind the effect
  • Re-framing the magic for different audiences and situations
  • A Q&A session where Ashton talks further about his approach to the blocks

"The last word on the Baffling Blocks! I've seen Ashton using his handling of the Baffling Blocks and was honestly gobsmacked at the amount of people queuing up to try them for themselves."
- Steve Brownley

"This is a wonderful pocket size study with really well put together content. Highly recommended."
- Steve Drury

"It's Devilry."
- Nik Taylor

You receive the three die cast metal Baffling Blocks and the complete instructional pdf e-book 'Magician's Guide To The Baffling Blocks', to start creating impossible moments!  The color of your blocks will either be one or the other as seen in the pictures.