Purse (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Vernet Magic


"Purse" is a specially manufactured purse. It's handmade from genuine leather by expert craftsmen. "Purse" has a hidden feature that lets you perform three hard-hitting professional routines. Perfect for close-up and strolling magic:

  • Two bill transpo: A stunning transposition of two signed bills (no duplicates required).
  • Coin travel: The magician puts eight coins in his closed fist. The spectator grasps the top and bottom of his fist. Instantly and without any sudden movements, the coins disappear and reappear inside the purse.
  • Key and ring: The magician drops a key inside a purse and the spectator holds a glass with his ring inside. Despite these conditions, both objects impossibly transpose.

Be ready to perform three professional routines on the go while carrying your coins with style!

  • Handmade with real leather by expert craftsmen
  • Includes 3 professional routines
  • Video download with step and step explanation
  • Ideal for close-up and strolling magic
  • Perfect for carrying your coin set
  • It holds up to four dollar size coins
  • Includes an especially manufactured purse, 2 gimmicks, 2 keys and video instructions