Endless (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Iñaki Zabaletta


Your perfect opener and closer.

Have you ever wanted to produce a deck of cards in a startling way instead of just taking them out of the box? Have you ever wanted to perform a finale with a great callback to the beginning, tying the beginning and the end of the show in a perfect way?

The magician shows a plain white piece of paper; he tears it up in several pieces. After a magical pass, the pieces transform into a deck of cards. They are real cards, they can be shuffled, cut and used in a trick. At the end of the act, the magician "paints" the entire deck blank, backs and faces. Then, all the cards visually fuse into a plain white piece of paper, just like the beginning.

This is a cyclical act; you start and finish the same way, which is surprising and satisfying for the audience.

Endless is ideal for stage and parlor. You can produce from a white piece of paper a regular deck of cards, perform several tricks and at the end transform the deck back again into the white paper.

Endless is the perfect way to start and end your show!

  • Produce your deck in a startling way!
  • It's ideal for stage and parlor.
  • If you want, you can produce your favorite deck.
  • Endless is the perfect way to start and end your show.
  • The ideal addition to your stage manipulation act.

Endless includes:

  • 1 gaffed deck of cards
  • 1 gaffed card case
  • 6 pre-folded sheets
  • 2 Gimmicks made with "no tear" resistant paper
  • Video download with full explanations (30 min)