Socks: Christmas Edition (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

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One of Vanishing Inc.'s best-selling magic tricks of all time is back with a brand-new holiday season version!

That's right, Michel Huot's beloved effect "Socks" is now available with festive Christmas-themed socks. And, as "Socks" has proven to work just as well for virtual magic shows as it does in-person, it is the ultimate addition to any holiday magic show-even those performed on Zoom!

If you haven't seen "Socks" yet, here's what you've been missing:

Two packets of cards are shown. Each card has a different sock on it and, despite the fact they are randomly shuffled and your spectator chooses when to stop as you deal through them, you somehow will manage to find the only perfect match pair.

However, something goes wrong! When you turn over the two cards they stopped on, the socks don't match! Thankfully, you're a magician and can fix this. That's when you lift up your pant legs and reveal that you're actually wearing the mis-matched pair of socks they stopped on.

This is the perfect type of reveal: visual, surprising and memorable. They will never see it coming. It also taps into a classic moment that everyone can relate to, the inability to find a matching pair of socks at the most inconvenient time like when you're about to head out for a holiday party.

"Socks: Christmas Edition" works exactly the same way as the original effect, except this time all of the cards (and your prediction socks) have a unique holiday design. The delightfully over-the-top and silly designs make this trick more fun than ever before.

Grab "Socks: Christmas Edition" and get ready to spread some magic and cheer to everyone this holiday season!