The Chinese Flagon LARGE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Bacon Magic


Note: This product contains only one gimmicked wine jug, chopsticks and wine glass should be brought by yourself. This product is not recommended to store wine for a long time. After the performance, please pour out all the liquid and dry the surface before storing properly.

Chinese and wine are inseparable, Cao Mengde singing to wine, Li Taibai toast to the moon, Xin Qiji drunk in the light to see the sword, Tang Bohu hope to die in the flower and wine... In many cases, it seems that when the magician actually conjures the wine, the audience will have enough fun.

Bacon Magic officially launched this magic prop with Chinese style: Chinese Flagon. Let's give the audience a good show of wine and chivalry.


The magician took out a wine jug and swung it upside down on a chopstick to prove it was an empty one. Then the magician took some wine out of the air and dropped it into the pot. He shook the jug and it actually poured out. Then, the magician can also make the empty jug to pour some more wine, he can even control the amount of wine each time.

Finally, the magician poured the whole glass of wine back into the jug. Then, with his word, the full jug would turn into an empty one.

Chinese Flagon is plain and elegant in shape with outstanding texture, which can be matched with various kinds of Chinese and Western performance clothes. You can treat Chinese Flagon as a separate show, or you can add it to other streams.

The wine pot is of moderate size and easy to hold. Its gimmick is reasonably designed, easy to use and can be mastered with a little practice.

Large size:

  • Height: about 13.5cm
  • Top diameter: about 4.2cm
  • Bottom diameter: about 5cm

Small size:

  • Height: about 13cm
  • Top diameter: about 3.4cm
  • Bottom diameter: about 5.8cm