Six Impossible Things Box Set (includes Full Show, Limited Deck of Cards and Lapel Pin) by Joshua Jay


Go behind the scenes of Joshua Jay's sensational off-Broadway show Six Impossible Things. See the show and discover the secrets with the "Six Impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition)".

When Vanishing Inc. first released the signed & numbered "Six Impossible Things Deluxe Set", it instantly became one of their fastest-selling products of all time. It sold out in just a few hours and will never be available again. But, Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. are thrilled to unveil the "Six Impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition)". Magicians around the globe can now get the show, the explanations, and some amazing limited-edition goodies wrapped up in a stunning custom-designed box.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this historic event. Enjoy a breathtaking 4K production of the show that sold out 240 performances during its incredible 18-month run. Then dive into a nearly 4-hour masterclass on developing, evolving, and performing your own unique show, as well as a detailed look at the secrets behind the main effects from Six Impossible Things.

The "Six Impossible Things Box Set" Includes:

  • Access to the complete *Six Impossible Things* show (streaming and download)
  • Explanations, interviews, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes venue tour
  • Deck of custom *Six Impossible Things Playing Cards* with a clever marking system
  • "IMPOSSIBLE" lapel pin (that can also be used as a one-of-a-kind reveal)
  • A wallet card with the inspirational message Josh reads to himself before he performs

Six Impossible Things was an immersive magic experience designed exclusively to help audiences feel magic instead of just watching it. Guests were invited on a surreal journey through various rooms as new "impossible things" were unveiled right in front of them. This Netflix-level production was carefully shot to make you feel as if you were in the room with Josh. It is a real treat for both magicians and laypeople to experience.

Once you're done, join Josh for the most comprehensive exploration of his creative process ever recorded. In addition to discussing the secrets of Six Impossible Things, Josh also offers a masterclass in show development that includes practical advice on the most important elements like:

  • Lighting, sound, and set design
  • Creating your own tricks
  • Choosing the right effects
  • Keeping your show fresh
  • And so much more!

Magicians should always seek to evolve their art beyond a simple compilation of tricks. If you're looking to create a show that leaves an unforgettable impression on every audience, then you need to get a "Six Impossible Things Box Set" today!