Balance (Silver) by Mathieu Bich & Benoit Campana & Marchand de Trucs


Transposition, transformation and which hand routines... Balance is a one-of-a-kind coin set which allows new approaches and principles never seen before.

A main routine built around three impactful phases

1st phase: instant transposition

The spectator freely choses one of the two coins and place it on the table. The coin in the magician's hand visibly changes into the one set on the table. When the participant looks at the coin on the table, it transforms again. Both coins can immediately be examined by the spectator!

2nd phase: pocket transposition

The magician puts one coin in his pocket and the other one in his hand. The coin in his hand disappears and is then replaced by the coin that was in the pocket.

3rd phase: transposition in the spectator's hand

The magician puts one of the two coins in the spectator's hand and keeps the other.

After a magical gesture, the coin that was in the magician's hand has travelled into the spectator's hand and the coin that was in the spectator's hand is now in the magician's pocket! Both coins are immediately given out for inspection.

Powerful routines

Several routines are included: a fast and simple transposition and multiphases routines. Each phase can be performed independently.

In addition, you'll also get a which hand routine, suited for close up, parlor or stage and only possible with the special "Balance" coin set.


  • Custom made quality coins
  • The coins are examinable at all times: beginning, middle and end of the routine.
  • Many applications


  • 2 ungimmicked coins + one gimmicked coin
  • Video tutorial


  • Two sets available: gold and silver