COOKIE BAGS by Marcos Cruz


Marcos Cruz presents COOKIE BAGS, with a great routine for your children's and family shows.

Inspired by the classic chameleon / gag bag effect, with this new adaptation with product packaging presentation you will be able to open your show.

Enter the stage with a shopping bag and narrate to your audience:

"That today you have made the perfect purchase because you found everything at auction and that for the purchase of a product you could get seven products totally free"

The magician begins to show the products that he has in the bag one by one (Ritz mini/Oreo mini/Snickers mini/M&M mini)

You also indicate that you have a bag of detergent and food for your pet continues showing skittles mini at the end you show him a bag of potato chips and indicate that these are your favorites, you look inside the paper bag and tell your audience that the candy packets you have shown them have disappeared.

The public will not believe it until you show them the inside of the bag, show it and crumple the paper bag in front of your audience, being very surprised.

The effect is great and mind-blowing for the opening of your show. You can present it in different ways, we show you how to do it step by step.

This product has been made with high quality material.