Could REAL ESP be Happening? by Ickle Pickle

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Two packs of 6 ESP card symbols are shown to the spectator. One is handed to the spectator.

Both the Magician and the spectator turn their packs face down. The magician gives a short dissertation about Extra Sensory Perception. On a notebook or marker board he writes down the question, as he asks, "could real ESP be happening?"

The packets are shuffled continually. One by one the spectator and the Magician turn over their top card to find that they match every time!

A trick or real ESP?

PLUS! Think of all the hundreds of varieties of tricks that are performed with an ESP Deck.

Now you have 2 ESP Decks (6 shapes, not 50), in JUMBO, that also happens to fit in your back pocket (or purse) to perform any trick you'd like. The effect we otter is just one thing you can do with these. You also get the double sided marker board, and of course the Arteza Dry Erase Marker.