Electronic Voodoo Corkboard Magic by Hatiro


Magic for stage:

The Magician tells the story of the Voodoo and explain that unfortunately he does not have a doll, but he will draw a Doll on a A4 paper. And mark 6 "X" marks, to be pinned by the supplied pins. Next, he calls one spectator and ask her to hold and examine the Corkboard.

Next he hands her one pin and ask her to pin any of the "X" marks, at her choice. At the same time the magician blindfold himself, and face the other side. As the spectator pins on "X", the magician pretends to feel pain exactly on that point. Other tricks can be done with the same product, and is explained at the user manual. No partner needed Prop and magician can stay more than 10 feet distant. Receiver/vibrator tells the magician which "X" mark was pinned. You can pin one, two, up to six pins, without removing the previous one.