Dice Miracle by TCC

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Exquisite wooden ESP dice set.

Dice Miracle.

Crafted from ebony and boxwood inlays, Enhancing your performance experience.

What's more?

We've also included three highly captivating story-driven routines to further enhance your audience's' experience.

The beauty of mental magic lies in moments like this - something truly special and unique.

The ESP symbol is a captivating element of mental magic because of its simple yet mysterious appeal. With Dice Miracle, we have combined the ESP symbols with wooden dice to create an exquisite prop crafted from ebony and boxwood inlays, adding a sense of ritualistic significance to your performance.

These wooden dice are perfect for enhancing your ESP-themed routines, as they offer greater flexibility. Each set contains seven dice, one of which serves as a substitute for a regular dice, showing various symbols instead of numerical values. The other six dice represent each ESP symbol, with all sides being identical. These dice not only add a sense of randomness but also allow for more variety when combined with ESP cards than when using the cards alone.

We've updated the classic cross symbol to a heart-shaped pattern to make it more accessible and memorable. The set includes PVC cards and envelope props that can be used to perform different effects such as divination, matching, and envelope predictions. The prop set is flexible and allows you to combine different props with dice to create your own unique effects. We provide three routines, from easy to advanced, to help you get started with this set:

The set comes complete with all the necessary props to perform these three routines. Moreover, there are additional cards and envelopes included, which can be used to create even more effects.

Each ebony dice is hand-inlaid and polished with excellent workmanship to ensure the set is of the highest quality. The corresponding ESP cards are made of 0.5mm thick PVC, making them durable and matching the exquisite ebony dice. Please note that the slight lines on the back of the PVC cards are for operational purposes and do not affect the overall effect of the performance.


  • Seven ebony wood ESP dice (one with different symbols on each side and six different dice with the same corresponding symbol on each side)
  • Two velvet pouches in black and gray
  • 2× Envelope Prop that can be used in the "Anyone Choose" routine
  • 3× Special Envelope Prop that can be used in the "Envelope Prediction" routine
  • Three sets of ESP cards for a total of 21 cards, including nine unmarked cards, six marked cards, and six unmarked cards with colored backs

These props will offer you a wide range of options for creating routines.


  • Each die measures 20mm x 20mm x 20mm and weighs 10g
  • Each ESP card measures 63mm x 88mm with a thickness of 0.5mm
  • Whole package measures 108mm x 81mm x 32mm and weighs 492g