Moon Box by TCC & Conan Liu & Royce Luo

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The box is crafted from black walnut, and the mechanism is activated by turning the direction of the lid. Not only can it be used to transform flat objects into three-dimensional ones, but the interior space and thickness are also large enough to hold two decks of cards. The inner layer is lined with molded resin, so its contents are not limited to solid objects. It can even hold liquids, food, or small animals without leaking.


  • Made of black walnut with a brass handle.
  • Lined with molded resin.
  • Multi-directional magnetic trigger.
  • The first wooden "Dove Pan" on the market that can transform or produce almost any item that can fit inside.
  • Cousin to the Anything Box by Conan Liu & TCC Magic.

Compared to the Anything Box, the Moon Box has several advantages:

  • Larger area: the square shape is more suitable for both round and square objects.
  • Larger volume: the thickness of the accommodated object can be larger - up to the thickness of two decks of playing cards.
  • Updated gimmick: More novel and deceptive trigger.
  • More options: It can hold liquids and even smoke without leaking. Although it cannot be ignited, it can hold liquids, animals, and more.


  • Outer case: 127mm x 127mm x 7.2mm
  • Inner box: 97mm x 97mm x 43mm