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The Unseen Force, our revolutionary levitation product, was first launched on Kickstarter two years ago and was a huge success, reaching 1819% funding. It has also been well received at retail.

Now comes the Unseen Force Pro, the new and improved version of the original Unseen Force.

The Unseen Force Pro is the result of two years of brainstorming, redesigning, and improving with creator Lin Lei. It is smaller, smarter, and stronger than the previous version, with a sleek industrial design made from Nylon 3D printing. The smoothness has been improved, and the new Invisible Thread is more resilient than ever before.

We call it a levitation system, not just a prop, because you can achieve almost all classic IT levitation effects with ease. Audiences can examine your hands before, after, and even during the routine, with no wax or gimmicks visible.

The Unseen Force Pro features an independent system, unlike any other IT system, with a completely new way to carry and hook up, allowing for not only most other IT effects but also new innovative effects unique to Unseen Force.

Unique Hook-Up System

It has a unique hook-up system that allows you to perform a wide range of impressive effects with borrowed items, such as playing cards, rings, cigarettes, bills, and more.

The updated design greatly minimizes the possibility of the IT getting caught on other items on your body. It is quick and easy to set up and remains discreet and secure when not in use. The position of the hook-up allows for easy access to the gimmick with a completely natural movement, making it highly versatile and adaptable.

While it is safe to wear the Unseen Force Pro on your body all day, it can also be easily set up just five seconds before your performance if you prefer not to wear it all day.

Clothing & Management

You can perform with the Unseen Force Pro in a short-sleeved polo shirt, without a jacket, making it practical in most situations, including hot and humid environments. This means you can perform in a variety of settings, whether you're strolling, doing close-up magic, performing on stage, or even at social gatherings.

It takes up no pocket space and has no plastic clips that could break or come loose. Once set up, the gimmick is highly concealed, secure, stable, and reliable.

It's easy to operate and requires no batteries. Each Unseen Force Pro is hand-assembled to ensure the highest quality.

Online Tutorial

Unseen Force is suitable for those with no previous experience in thread work. It comes with a 1-hour tutorial video that expertly explains the concepts and effects. The instructional tutorial includes:

  • Remarkable Sci-Fi Ring Levitation: Watch Liu Xiang's classic ring suspension, which is one of the most fantastic ring levitations you will ever see.
  • Small Objects Levitation: Control small objects such as sponge balls, cards, tissues, banknotes, feathers, flowers, and more to levitate above your palm or in front of your body.
  • Various Objects Balancing: Learn a variety of card balances that were pioneered by Lin Lei. You can also balance pens, keys, and other objects on your palm.
  • Psychokinesis: Use an unseen force to control the movement of a sponge ball, open the cap of a beer bottle, flip over a pair of glasses, and more.
  • The Invisible Touch: Perform the classic invisible touch using the Unseen Force.
  • The Haunted Deck: With the Pro version, you can perform the classic Haunted Deck on a table or in the palm of your hand.
  • The Haunted Key: Watch as the Haunted Key spins around eerily. Use it in conjunction with the classic Haunted Key effect.

With some practice and familiarity, you'll be performing miracles in no time.