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The Lota Bowl, which originated in ancient India in 3000 BC, is the oldest documented form of magic. Originally used in ceremonies to perform miracles, it has since become one of the most common props used by magicians. The Endless Cup takes this ancient and classic effect and brings it into the modern age.

The Endless Cup looks like an ordinary household ceramic or coffee cup but can conceal almost half a cup of liquid without leaking. It allows you to make the liquid flow into the cup whenever you need it to.

With the Endless Cup, you can perform a variety of routines, including:

  • The classic self-filling cup/water routine.
  • Incorporating three small paper balls routine, inspired by René Lavand.
  • Water vanishes from the cup and reappears again.
  • Appearance of the audience's selected beverage in the cup.
  • Producing water and live fish.
  • Turning water into juice or other beverages.

The unique internal structure of the cup makes it difficult to mass-produce. Therefore, we use photocured 3D printing to create a single piece. The surface is then hand-painted and finished to ensure that the final product looks like an ordinary cup, even up close. The secret components are cleverly hidden from the audience's sight, allowing both the inside and bottom of the cup to be cleanly displayed.


  • A modern take on the Lota Bowl, the world's oldest documented magic.
  • Resembles an ordinary-looking ceramic or coffee cup.
  • Conceal almost half a cup of liquid without leaking.
  • Versatile enough to be seamlessly integrated into many classic effects.
  • Photocured 3D printing, hand-painted surface, and single-piece molding for a high-quality finish.
  • Cleanly display both the inside and bottom of the cup.