Federal Escape Mail Bag by Ronjo Magic


Federal Escape packs small and plays big. A 7-foot-tall canvas mail bag, 2 padlocks and a solid steel bar are all examined. The spectators are given the keys. You enter the bag, and the bar is woven through 16 metal grommets at the top of the bag. The padlocks are locked at both ends. A curtain is draped over you. Seconds later, you escape!

Very easy to perform.

Great as a standalone or use it with your sub-trunk. Ours is the highest quality escape bag illusion made today. Use our chain shackles as an additional escape with this effect (sold separately).Made in the U.S.A. Quality through and through!

Federal Escape comes with canvas bag, 2 padlocks, solid steel bar and instructions.

Let's compare our model 1st released in 1995 to the knock offs from India.


Ours: We use Master Padlocks. Simple to use and a recognizable brand.
Theirs: Uses cheap locks that look like toys. The keys must be inserted and turned not only to unlock, but also to lock. The problem here is that you have two different keys, and you rely on the spectator to lock you in. If they put the wrong key in the wrong lock, they cannot lock you in. Also, the keys turn in either direction but only one direction makes the locks work, Finally the keys can be put in the lock but they may not be put in properly and you would not know it. These all can cause delays as well as confusion. Not something you want to deal with especially if you are in a hot fabric bag, hidden from your entire audience.


Ours: Our custom-made bar of steel is machined by master craftsmen in the USA. It looks menacing. Like something that is strong and industrial.
Theirs: Is also steel but has been chromed or brass plated. It is so shiny, it looks fake. The real problem is when after you use it a few times, the plating starts to chip off when going through the grommets. Not only that, but the gimmick will also become exposed from usage and it will be a dead giveaway.


Ours: We use 16 high quality grommets made in the USA. When the bar is locked on the bag, you can barely slip a finger through the top. Our grommets are soft to the touch and are precision interlocked. Ours have the right size hole in them so the bar can slide in or out freely and quickly.
Theirs: They use 8 grommets. When the bar is locked on the bag you can slip your hand though the gap. There grommets have sharp points on the connected half. The holes are smaller. When the bar goes in, it is a tight fit, making it difficult for your volunteers to lock you up, scratching the plating on the bar, maybe hurting you or the spectator because the connectors have sharp points. And also, if the bar bends the points, the grommets can disconnect and fall apart in two pieces.


Ours: Our bag is made in the USA from rugged canvas with a gusseted bottom so that you do not trip and fall. The right height and width for most Americans. Also, it has no odor.
Theirs: May not have the right width to maneuver comfortably. Depending on who made it, it may not have a gusseted bottom. Spends 3-4 months coming from India via sea freight. This causes the bag to get moldy and they smell very bad. This problem is not easy to remedy. This is definitely not something you would want to get inside of.