Wild Shock by Tejinaya - Trick (colors may vary)


Intense visual magic with three moments of magic in a row! The changes look amazing!

A card is chosen from the deck. The card you chose is the 7 of Hearts. The magician holds the next random card from the deck in his hand and rubs it on the 7 of Hearts. The random card changes to a 7 of Hearts! The second card turns into a 7 of Hearts when rubbed in the same way. If you look at the rest of the cards in the magician's hand, they will turn into 7 of Hearts as well! Furthermore, if you rub the remaining stack of cards, all the cards will turn blank.

The effect is easy to convey to the audience, and it is a magic that is good for everyone. The trick alone is enough, so it is also useful for those who are not good at chatting.


  • 1 special gimmick deck (will be a red or blue Bicycle deck, colors may vary)
  • Online instructions