Marvelous Nesting Envelopes (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Matthew Wright


The Marvelous Nesting Envelopes by Matthew Wright is a fantastic, no palm, no sleight way of revealing a chosen card or prediction inside a nest of envelopes that is out in the open from the beginning of the trick.

Matthew has worked tirelessly on this principle for many years and had finally developed a system that is both slick and very easy to use. A playing card or prediction is able to secretly and simply be inserted inside this triple secured impossible location that has been held by the spectator right up until until the final reveal.

A locked red envelope is opened. Inside is a smaller black envelope. Inside this envelope is a sealed white envelope. Inside this envelope... paper clipped to your business card!... is the signed selected card.

The outer red envelope is small enough to fit into your pocket so can be used as an EDC.

Nesting Envelopes is a great alternative to card to wallet and is considerably cheaper that most card to wallets on the market. It can also be used along with a card to wallet. There are hundreds of brilliant card to wallet routines in the magic community but most performers are limited to choosing just one... who carries 2 wallets? Now you can do your regular card to wallet routine PLUS another routine using the envelope without it looking suspicious.

A great addition to any magic arsenal.

Also included is Matthews incredible effect designed and available exclusively with the Marvelous Nesting Envelope set. Impossible mission is a powerful and baffling piece of mental magic giving you the opportunity to create a true miracle with a deck of cards.