NYX Project (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Luca Volpe


Luca Volpe is proud to present THE NYX PROJECT.

This NYX Mentalism Deck, the ultimate tool for mentalists and magicians of all levels.

This powerful deck designed by Phil Smith in the United Kingdom, features 52 cards, each with a single motivational word that is internationally recognized. The words are printed on the front of the card along with the playing card value and a number from 1 to 52, making them perfect for both stage and close-up performances.

The NYX Mentalism Deck also features a brand new optical marking system that allows you to discreetly discern the full word, the value of the card, and the number with NO memory work! This system is invisible to the audience, but it's easy for you to see, so you can perform your routines with confidence.

As a bonus, the words on the cards have a special feature: just by hearing them, you will be able to understand which word is chosen among other random words. This is a truly amazing effect that will leave your audience amazed.

The NYX Mentalism Deck also comes with a full masterclass download, a PDF book filled with ideas and full routines, and the full stage act that Luca presents at his corporate shows. This fantastic stage routine has an incredible ending that is guaranteed to wow your audience.

Order your NYX Mentalism Deck today and start performing incredible routines that will amaze and astound your audience!


  • 52 cards with motivational words printed in a luxury finish (Germany black core paper), which is a joy to handle
  • New optical marking system designed by Phil Smith
  • Special feature that allows you to identify, just by hearing, the chosen word from a list of other words
  • Full masterclass download
  • PDF book with ideas and full routines
  • Includes Luca Volpe's stage corporate act

Order your NYX Mentalism Deck today!

"Nyx is an absolutely incredible tool that can help the user achieve near miracles. Luca and Phill make a formidable team and have created something that has never been seen before. My mind is racing with ideas and applications. This gets my highest recommendation, it's brilliant"
-Craig Petty

"Nyx is a clever tool with limitless possibilities!"
Chris Rawlins

"The Nyx Deck is a mentalism show in your pocket! I will use this!"
Keith Barry