The Mobius Rising Card (Red) by TCC Magic & Chen Yang


The Mobius Rising Card is now available!

Every Mobius Rising Card is hand-made.

The Rising Card effect is a century-old mystery. There are different versions of Rising Cards on the market, and many masters have their own variations. Today, we are working together with Chen Yang to present an improved and refined version of a classic method - The Mobius Rising Card!

Imagine that from a normal deck, the audience freely chooses one, or even multiple playing cards. The cards are then shuffled, and the selected cards rise from the center of the deck one by one. The deck can be placed into the card box, or a wine glass held by the audience.

While many versions of the Rising Card on the market require more or less complex setups, the Mobius Rising Card is unlike any version you've seen before. It uses a gravity-structured gimmick to automate the effect, allowing the rising effect to be done multiple times in one routine. The most important thing is that the thickness of the gimmick is only 6 cards thick. With the gimmick placed in the center of the deck, it won't arouse any suspicion when you fan the cards.

Specially designed for close-up performance, it is more mini and portable, making it very suitable for placing in the card box for performance anytime and anywhere. Each set of the gimmick is hand-assembled by Chen Yang, with strict control of details for comfortable performance.


  • Easy to do, no sleights of hands.
  • Hand-made.
  • Direct effect (the selected card can be signed by the audience).
  • Suitable for close-up, parlor, and online performances.

Notes: The gimmick is available in red or blue Bicycle Back. The Bicycle deck is not included, and you need to prepare a normal deck yourself.