THE NO PALM EDC WALLET by Matthew Wright


The No Palm EDC Wallet by Matthew Wright does exactly what it says.

Ideal for beginners looking for their first "card to wallet" It is an everyday hip style wallet that can be used as your regular wallet but also has the built in ability to secretly load a playing card into the bill section (paper clipped to a business card inside an envelope of you wish) without the need to palm a card or use any complicated sleights.

As well as the secret loading system, the wallet has space for bills, credit cards and I.D. cards making it the perfect hidden accomplice that is always with you and ready to go. With a reset of a couple of seconds and a reusable envelope the wallet really is the anytime, anywhere, magicians dream.

Using the same wallet Matthew created to be used with his "Card Under Anywhere" routine, the No Palm EDC Wallet has the same tried and tested loading system but now comes with stripped down tutorials aimed at the novice magician. Matthew teaches everything from simple card controls to easy double lifts so that you can get started performing this classic effect even if you have no previous experience or knowledge of card handling.

Once you get to grips with the wallet and simpler handling also included is a bonus download containing Matthews complete work on the Card Under Anywhere Project.