Air Dice created by Gonçalo Gil and Gee Magic


Air Dice comes to revolutionize dice routines on stage or parlor conditions. A random selection of something using a die is like a little fun "game" that you can add to your show and keep the suspense until the end. However, a small die can't be examined by the entire audience, so that's why Gonçalo Gil and Gee Magic decided to release "Air Dice".

"Air Dice" is a tool with endless possibilities and have an enormous variety of routines. In the beginning you can show to your audience that it is indeed a regular die, showing all 6 sides.

Then, you can ask a spectator to throw the die on stage, or funnier you can throw it into the audience.

The gimmick allows the die to be thrown as much times as you want and the number 3 will never be rolled. With that in mind, you can imagine how many different things you can do with it; "Russian roulette", "bank night" and other elimination based routines. This is definitely an object attractive to children and adults that will bring, comedy and fun into your show.

With "Air Dice" you will be able to take your dice routines to another scale.