The Long Pour Salt Trick - The Inner Work by Michael Ross


A feature stand up stage trick in your pocket you can do anywhere.


Custom light weight aluminum Salt Pour gimmick made by Morrissey Magic designed by Bill Abbott.
These are the last (and only) gimmicks of their kind.

Compact size to accommodate all hand sizes and to be more deceptive at close quarters. Big Load.

Special feature allows it to be carried pre-loaded.
Each limited edition gimmick is needed for Michael Ross' Salt Pour routine.
Once these limited edition Salt Pour gimmicks are gone - they are gone forever!

A new way of performing that makes it more logical and easier to perform. Some describe it as a paradigm shift.

All the inner work is explained in detail.
Detailed instructions cover everything.

  • Easy method.
  • Presentations from kid shows to punk crowds.
  • Optional endings.
  • Powering through mistakes.
  • The best ways to keep the performance area clean

"This Long Pour Gimmick is UNDENIABLY PERFECT. And I'M NOT KIDDING."
Steve Spill

"For me, the real gold on the set was Michael sitting and discussing the development of the routines. The "how's" and "why's" of how it all comes together. I watched those segments a number of times."
Harry Murphy

"I would recommend it highly to anyone who is thinking about getting in front of people and really working. It is not often you get a real pro to sit down and spill a life times worth of work on video."
Danny Hustle

"His thoughts on magic and theatre are priceless."
Andrew Gerard

"One of the most knowledgeable magicians, who was also a booker of entertainment for many many years."
Bill Abbott