Vitrine Red (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Alexis Touchard

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Imagine taking out your keys and show a beautiful metal keychain hanging on them. In it you can see through the back of a folded card. You put it in front of the spectators or in the hand of a spectator. Explain that this is your lucky charm.

Then the spectator chooses a card and signs it. This card is put back into the deck and then the deck is shuffled. Perform your favorite ambitious card routines or impossible location card and to finish with a kicker ending effect, pay attention to the keychain in the spectator's hand since the beginning of the trick, take it off the screws and take the folded card inside it-here, unfold it, this is the spectator's card previously signed! an impossible because it was in sight imprisoned since the beginning of the trick even before the spectator chooses and signs his card.

Thanks to the second gimmick provided, you can perform the same routine with a torn and signed card corner that disappears and is actually the card corner trapped in the keychain.

Two gimmicks included:

  • Quality keychain
  • Everyday carry

"Witness the impossible location, locking enchantment into a humble keychain, a testament to magic's audacious triumph"
Bill Cheung

"Do you like tricks that fit in your pocket and serve in your everyday life?
Well, look no further, Alexis fixed the problem. This is an exceptional travel of a signed playing card in a very beautiful prop"
Jean-Pierre Vallarino