PERCEPTION by Richard Griffin

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Five objects are borrowed and laid out on a table. One object is now just thought of by your spectator. You now write a prediction on a pad and place it face down on the table. Your spectator picks up the object they are thinking of and holds it in their hands. You now turn the pad over to show you predicted the correct object.

  • Predict anything, colors, drinks, objects, countries. Possibilities are endless.
  • Reset happens in front of your spectators, so perfect for walkaround magic.
  • You can repeat the effect to the same person or group of people with a totally different result

'Richard had created a very clever gimmick that does the dirty work for you. Great for the novice or seasoned pro and you can do this under any strolling or close up conditions. very highly recommended'
- Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine

'A small and easy to use prop that is a valuable weapon in my close-up act'
- Matt Daniel-Baker, mind reader