Apex Wallet Brown (MK2) by Thomas Sealey


Welcome to the next generation Apex Wallet... MK2... THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER!

The Apex Wallet upon release was a smash hit at Blackpool 2023 and has remained one of our leading products. Two years, four batches and thousands of performances later from hundreds of professional magicians across the globe and we've continued to make small changes over time to maximize its operation and appearance. What we have now is the latest and greatest Apex Wallet, featuring:

  • New - Super clear wallet window (not frosted) for enhanced peeking, especially in low lighting
  • New - Matt Black distressed leather in the same look and feel as the brown
  • New - Sewn-on leather tabs on the switch mechanism to make it more comfortable

Note: If your wallet has a clear (not frosted) window and sewn-on tabs then you already have the latest MK2 version

LOAD - PEEK- SWITCH - The Apex Wallet does it all... in true style.

  • Signed card to zippered compartment
  • Card to sealed envelope
  • Ring or coin to sealed envelope in zippered compartment
  • Business card & playing card peek
  • Large central switching compartment (full playing card size)
  • Second (removable) switcher within zippered compartment
  • 2 or 4-way out options

The modern minimalist, hand-made crazy-horse leather Apex Wallet also functions perfectly as an everyday carry with:

  • 3 credit card slots
  • Packet trick / card pocket
  • Two large cash compartments
  • Poker size ID window (can store your Rainbow Card - sold separately)

A closer look...

LOAD - The Apex wallet can receive a signed card in TWO places; a smaller zippered compartment and main central compartment. You can also load a signed card in sealed envelope - whether it be your existing magician's envelopes or cheaper every-day standard envelopes to save you money - HURRAH!
In addition to cards, the wallet takes rings, coins and other small objects seamlessly into a sealed envelope inside zippered compartment.

PEEK - The peek method allows a business card or playing card to be placed inside the middle of the wallet. The wallet can be shown from all sides, and when the moment is right, a one-handed and single-finger activation allows for a peek. No flaps, no electronics and no need to re-enter or open any part of the wallet at any point to gain the peek. ***MK 2 Version now with unfrosted.

SWITCH - Boasting TWO switching compartments, the Apex wallet allows for incredible visual switches of FULL SIZE playing cards, cash, coins, receipts, or any similarly sized large items. Combine this switch function with a card-load and the possibilities are limitless: blank card to signed card... torn and restored... the list goes on. And the best bit? The main switcher section is auto magnetic- locking which means spectators can open the wallet themselves.

As a bonus, the large switching section is so big and spacious it can be used as a brilliant one way forcing bag to switch your audience's billets for your own - in plain sight - with no funny moves whatsoever. Having two switcher compartments gives further possibilities of discreet switches and 2 or 4-way out options.

What's included:

  • Handmade crazy-horse leather wallet in matt black or tan brown, each have their own natural blemishes and mature with age.
  • 2 x card-to-wallet loading slides
  • Ring / coin / small object loader
  • Sample envelopes
  • Online masterclass - over 3 hours of tutorials

The Apex Wallet is the culmination of 2 years development, multiple prototypes and over a year of rigorous testing and refinement in both daily use and in professional working environments.

Finally, a wallet which not only functions perfectly as an everyday carry, but also inspires elevation of magical performance with unique features.

Quite simply, the Apex Wallet combines all the things a magician could ever dream of, in one beautiful, small and ultramodern place.