The Lookout Wallet 2.0 by Paul Carnazzo

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The new and improved Lookout Wallet is here! Read minds like a pro and elevate your performances with this unique and stylish accessory.

The Lookout Wallet 2.0 is a black leather business card case with an extremely practical and deceptive peek feature.

The Lookout Wallet 2.0 is made of soft black Nappa leather and holds over 50 business cards. There are additional pockets to hold all of your Mental Voyage wallet cards and playing cards for various effects.

Using this wallet, you will always be ready to read your spectators' minds!

The Lookout Wallet 2.0 has some great improvements:

  • Softer leather - beautiful and elegant with no break-in period.
  • Stronger magnets - help keep the wallet closed when filled to capacity.
  • An external pocket that gives great cover and motivation for the peek.

Check out the trailer video for full details.

The original Lookout Wallet sold out... Get your Lookout Wallet 2.0 now!