THE BOTTLE by Adrian Vega


"A perfect routine"
Penn Jillette

"Adrian's card in bottle fooled me completely and the method fooled me even more! Can't wait to finally being able to add this super effect to my act."
David Stone

"Cards in Pills Bottle" is the perfect ending for a signed card routine. It's a well designed effect, with a fast resolution. I'm sure you'll love to add it to your performance. It's undoubtedly a memorable effect. Magic in its purest state!"
Henry Evans

If these great magicians like Penn Jillete, David Stone or Henry Evans say that about the new effect from Adrian Vega, we honestly don't have much more to say.

Adrian Vega's signature trick is here to blow minds, magicians and laymen alike. An impossible sign card to sealed bottle full of pills. Adrian Vega has performed this for more than 10 years keeping the total secret for him and some friends... until now!

After performing it in the best magic stages on earth, like Magic Castle, FISM, FFFF or Fool Us, now it is your moment to do the best ending for a signed card routine, never seen before.

And the best part, it is a miracle very easy to do!

During all the tutorial, Adrian Vega will share his experience during these years, including history of the effect, different routines, all the psychology behind (the most important thing in magic in general) and a lot of tips to create a miracle in your own hands.


  • Include everything ready to go, you can simply take the card out and use the same bottle every single time, with one second to reset it.
  • You would receive the perfect pills for this, but you can fill the bottle with anything you want, coffee beans, candies, popcorn, etc.
  • Also, you would be able to give the bottle as a souvenir or destroy it in some professional performances, everything is explained here.
  • Very easy to perform and very strong and impossible effect.
  • Limited units.