CLOCK SPELL by Martin Schwartz


We have been waiting for another gem from the good doctor- and here it is. This is really a four-star mental effect. Something that will cause them to remember you and talk about you.

A deck of cards is removed from the box and freely spread out for a free selection of a card. Eleven cards are removed from the deck and selected card is mixed into the pack of eleven cards. The twelve cards are placed face down in a circle resembling a clock face. The remaining cards are placed back into the box and the box is placed into the center of the card circle.

A pencil is now placed on top of the card box and using your psychic powers you cause the pencil to mysteriously start to rotate like a clock dial. Your audience will gasp as the pencil starts to rotate and eventually stop at the selected card.

You will be devilishly surprised by the subtle principle of this fine mechanical masterpiece.

Online instructions included.