Book to the Future by Steve Gore


"This is a super direct and super clean book test. Best of all you can reveal multiple selected words that build to a strong climax. Steve also explores alternative ideas and presentations which make this suitable for any environment. This is a great book test!"
Marc Paul

"A brilliant psychological principle and a wonderful effect."
Professor Richard Wiseman

"Great trick! Baffling too. Looks so fair. Can be played as prediction, influence, mind control, love it! It's repeatable too. No idea how it works!"
Alex McAleer

Book to the Future is a Las Vegas themed book prediction effect. You can predict, with 100% certainty, what words your spectators will choose in a book which is examined by them beforehand. Nothing is swapped, they choose the page every time by freely inserting a fully examined postcard (or any plain card) into ANY page. You can even have a practice run beforehand to further show how fair it is!

You can predict 1,2,3,4 or more words for each spectator and instantly repeat to someone else in the same group with different words. It's A6 and pocket sized so is perfect for walk-around, parlour or stage. You can write the words on anything from a business card to a flip chart or in fact, on anything! No memory work, peeks or good eyesight is needed! It's a workers dream!

Option to reveal one or more of the words with a flame. You can theme it as a prediction, influence, mind control or even time travel if you wish!

It also includes a bonus postcard prediction routine with 4 images on the postcard matching the outcome of 4 casino games. Just needs a regular deck of cards and a post it pads! The back of the postcard is left blank so you can customize it with a message to further expand on the predictions. This postcard routine is what I used to close all 24 of my Magic Castle parlor shows in Hollywood!