Hot (Half Dollar size) by Alexander Marsh


NOTEAfter the release of HOT it came to our attention that a similar method was released by Colin McLeod in his Psycho download from 2020. HOT remains available to purchase with Colin's kind permission.

Always know the outcome of a coin toss. No peeking, no magnets, no electronics.

Coins have always been synonymous with magic, and now mentalists can get in on the action too. HOT is an inexplicable, multi-phase, close-up mind reading routine by the man who brought you the Billet Masterclass, Alexander Marsh.

Here's what's happens:

You unveil a sleek and stylish decision-making coin adorned with a Head on one side and a Heart on the other. Your participant flips the coin in the air, catches it and glimpses what it lands on. Despite never seeing the outcome of the toss, you accurately reveal how it landed.

Impressive. But it could be luck. So, you flawlessly divine the outcome again and again.

(You can repeat this as many times as you'd like and never fail!)

For the final phase, the coin is put away as you confidently write a prediction. Your participant merely imagines flipping the coin in their mind. In an impressive finale, amidst the realm of imagination, your powers triumphantly prove accurate once more!

Everything you need to perform this impossible feat will arrive snugly packaged in a stylish box. You'll receive online video instructions guiding you through the simple sleights and handlings necessary to make HOT your newest reputation maker.

HOT transcends performance settings, seamlessly captivating audiences both up close and on stage. In fact, it earned itself a place in Alex's 2023 stage act which was performed all over the world.

"Which Hand" has been done to death.

Alexander Marsh has the antidote.

Time to play Heads or Tails.