Triple X by iNFiNiTi


TRIPLE X is an Xtra Xtra Xtra strong object to impossible location.

Borrow something small from a spectator, such as a ring, signed coin (or mint), and produce it from inside the middle of an unopened, sealed pack of mints that have been in your pocket the whole time.

It doesn't get any more impossible than this.

You have to actually break open the middle of the pack - it's an unbelievably strong sight and sound - the rip - the pop - the burst - revealing their item IMPOSSIBLY wedged in between the other mints as you drop it into your spectator's hands. You can even choose to have fragments of broken mint fly out when you break the pack open. And yes, of course spectators can even take a real mint.

If James Bond carried mints...

You have never seen anything like The Triple X gimmick before - painstakingly engineered by the best minds at Saturn Magic to make this stunning illusion possible - classic street magic with an everyday object.

Key Features:

  • Fast loading of any small object up to the width of a pound coin (23mm)
  • Simple reset - just by adding a new label each time
  • Can be freely handled and shown all the way around - even placed on the table or in your spectator's hands before producing an item
  • Universally designed to fit ALL brands of extra strong mints found in supermarkets, newsagents or online, including XXX mints, Xtra strong mints and Trebor extra strong mints
  • Customizable to other tube like candies, including soft mints and LifeSavers
  • Flexxxible: use real labels from real mints, order refill sticker labels from Saturn Magic or simply print your own out in bulk

In the box:

  • Triple X gimmick (ready to go)
  • A variety of 8 x extra strong mint sticker labels to get you started
  • Links to PDFs so you can print your own mint or LifeSaver labels
  • Two-hour masterclass tutorial and expert handlings from iNFiNiTi including *ELEVEN* full and uncut real world performances from paid gigs

Just some of the effects you can achieve with Triple X (and covered) include:

  • Borrowed ring to sealed mints
  • Signed coin to sealed mints
  • Mint Transpo: where a signed mint or completely different sweet (like a Tic Tac or Polo) appears in a sealed tube of mints
  • Predictions: break open a sealed pack to reveal spectator's selected card or thought of person etc. either written on or engraved in a random mint
  • Torn card corner to sealed pack of mints
  • FULL CARD to sealed pack of mints

Triple X has been one of iNFiNiTi's close up weapons for an extra long time and now you can perform it too. Exxxperience the incredible feeling of breaking open a pack of mints and breaking peoples' minds.