Crazy Dazzle (Parlor Size) by Alberto Ruano, Adrian Vega and Crazy Jokers


After all the success (sold out 2 times) of Crazy Dazzle designed by Alberto Ruano and with new handlings from the master of magic Adrian Vega, now we are proud to present to you this parlor version.

From the beginning, this famous trick from Emsley it was only for close up due the handling and displays of the cards but after the touch of Adrian Vega, now you can use the same handling for parlor using these special cards for it.

It would come with all the special printed cards in high quality with the amazing size 8.9cm x 14.6cm (3.5" x 5.75") along with a special tutorial explaining everything about this new size and routine for parlor.

And for first time, this gem from Emsley to your parlor/stand-up show, great for kids, adult, etc... and remember, pack super small and play big!