Constructo by Thinking Paradox


Imagine materializing in your hand a thought-of card, even before knowing its identity!

"Constructo" is a fresh approach to the thought-of-card plot that combines visual magic with astonishing mentalism. Created by the Thinking Paradox team, known for bestsellers like "Clear Choice" and "Unliftable".

Key points:

  • The card is not forced. Spectators make free choices and can even change their minds at any moment.
  • You don't need to know the card in advance. The card appears in your empty hand even before the spectator names it!
  • No switches or indexes. Forget about complicated memorization.
  • No clothing restrictions. No sleeves or clothing gimmicks are used.
  • Super easy to do. The appearance is very clean, visual, and easy to do. Technically, it's almost as easy as opening and closing your hand.
  • Angle-proof. Works great for close-up or stage. You can perform it for a small group completely surrounded or in front of hundreds of spectators.
  • Ready to go. High quality pre-made gimmicks are included. They are made with super durable materials. They will last forever!
  • No preparation required. It resets automatically at the end. Just put it in your pocket, and you'll be ready to perform it anytime.
  • Everything happens in real-time, without assistants or preshow.

Each unit has been handcrafted in Spain with great care and supervised one-by-one.

Important: the gimmick comes in blue Bicycle playing cards.