Deal or Steal (Universal) by Carl Crichton-Prince


Deal or Steal is a close-up magic trick based on the TV show Deal or No Deal! It's a game show that lives in your pocket and has a guaranteed outcome. It's easy to do and comes with everything you need.

Here's what happens:

You bring out 10 envelopes; each has a prize inside that the spectator can win. The top prizes are on red cards and the worst prizes are on blue cards. The top prize is £100 cash!

The spectator mixes the envelopes and freely chooses any 5. Then they randomly pick one of the 5, eliminating the other 4. You then show what they could have won had they had chosen differently. Even though they had a free choice throughout the routine you show that inside the envelope they selected is printed "You will choose".

Now here is the first kicker....... All the rejected prizes are shown to have the word "rejected" printed on them. The chosen "You will choose" card is turned over revealing what they won. "A lemon!!" Then as the final kicker, you produce a real lemon from the envelope!

Deal or Steal comes with everything you need and includes different endings with different comedy prizes, and the envelopes and cards are printed on the best stock to last a lifetime. It's easy to do, fully examinable, commercial, and can be done close up or even on stage. Comes with additional ideas from Michael Murray.

This is Deal or Steal!