Crazytown by David Regal


David Regal and Vanishing Inc. partner for a memorable and super fooling routine that is incredibly easy to do.

Crazy Town is vintage David Regal. He has cleverly combined two sneaky principles into a complete professional routine featuring multiple impossible predictions that are capped off with a stunning ending they'll never see coming.

And the best part? It's easy enough for any magician to do. The included custom-designed decks take care of all the hard work for you. There's no sleight of hand involved. It's almost self-working. Yet, despite how simple it is to do, it still regularly fools magicians.

You tell your audience about a dream you had in which everyone in the room was there and you had two decks of cards. As you say this, you bring out a blue deck and red deck. To ensure it is "magician proofed", the blue deck is sealed with a sticker that has been initialed by one of your helpers. It is then put back in your pocket.

Now it's time for everyone to join you on an adventure to Crazy Town. The red cards are split into four small packets that your participants genuinely shuffle and cut. They can even mix or cut each other's packets if you want.

Once everyone is done, the top cards are flipped over. You then bring the blue deck back out (or can even have them take it out of your pocket for you). Without any switches or weird moves, the deck is opened and spread on the table. All of the blue cards are face-down except for four cards which, of course, perfectly match their selections.

This is already a strong moment on its own. But they will fall out of their chairs when you hit them with the surprise ending. The rest of the blue cards are flipped over and shown to be completely blank. All these blue cards can be handed out for examination. There's nothing to find.

Crazy Town is a unique and memorable routine that lets your audience know they're in for a fun time. It's the perfect way to get multiple people involved in a routine that won't just baffle them but will also greatly entertain them.

You get the two decks, sticker sheet, and detailed video instructions.

Take a trip to Crazy Town with David Regal today!

  • Easy to do
  • Packs small, plays big
  • The participants shuffle the cards themselves
  • Incredibly clean and fair selection procedure
  • Custom printed decks included