CRAZY HOLE 2.0 (RED) by Mickael Chatelain


Mickael Chatelain's best seller in an even crazier version!

If I tell you that one of the greatest magicians in the world is going to present it on a TV show in the United States!
If I tell you that Crazy-Hole 2.0 is simply unique it's incredible!

Believe me, friends, you will drive the most skeptical of your spectators crazy!

Take out a card and a toothpick...
Also borrow a bank note, nothing else!

With these three elements, you are ready to fool your audience!


Show the card to your spectators, this blue card has a single hole on the long side, a hole in the center of the length.
Fold the bill in half lengthwise.

Everything is clean because each movement is made a few centimeters from the spectators' eyes.

Place the card in the bill that is folded in half.
Using the toothpick, pierce the bill right through! The card is now trapped in the ticket!

Hold the whole thing up, show the front and back, a few centimeters from your spectators!
Ask one of your spectators to pull the blue card to check that it cannot move as long as the toothpick holds it together.

Impossible? Are you sure?

Explain that it is now possible to move the material, to move the central hole and therefore to move the blue card!
No sooner said than done!

Start slowly moving the playing card to the right.
Now move the card to the other side, to the left. The card appears to pass through the toothpick as it flows freely from right to left.

It's easy, you explain then that the hole moves, that's all!

At these improbable words, remove the toothpick to show that the hole is no longer in the center, it is now completely offset!
Now, reinsert it and place the blue card back in the middle, in its original position.
Again, remove it to show that everything is as it was at the beginning.

Believe me, this is a truly amazing illusion and your spectators will wonder for a long time how such a thing is possible!