FLASHY BANNER (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) by George Iglesias & Twister Magic


The new Flashy Banner by George Iglesias is a very visual magic effect and a great utility prop perfect to give your audience a special message in a very flashy way!


The magician shows several letters and drawings in disorder and place them all together in one hand, by snapping his fingers all pieces become one to show a big banner in a super visual way!

Each FLASHY BANNER has beautiful high-resolution drawings, professionally designed to make you look like a real pro at your shows. It is portable and super visual magic effect based on the classic torn and restored newspaper, FLASHY BANNER uses magnets to work with ease, a 100% reliable, easy and safe system.

Built to last, as all Twister Magic props, is printed on a thick, matte laminated material, a high quality and resistant product that will arrive at your shows to stay forever (NO REFILLS NEEDED)

Available in two versions HAPPY BIRTHDAY to wish someone a happy birthday and the classic THE END message, that puts a nice magic touch to the end of your show.

Perfect for children's magic, hall magic, stage, MCs and clowns.

Comes ready to perform!


  • Flashy Banner (NO REFILLS NEEDED)
  • Magnetic special gimmicks
  • Online instructional video.

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