Free William Hicks by Dead Rebel Productions


A new and killer presentation from Dead Rebel productions that combines some classic mentalism principles into a full, astonishing routine.

'Free William Hicks' is an anytime, anywhere practical piece of bizarre / mental magic that will fool everyone. You tell the story of Joseph Pascal, a charlatan who used to get his partner, William Hicks, out of trouble by fooling the sheriff - with three baffling effects using some poker chips, a leather wallet, and a prediction...

First of all, the chips are mixed - the spectator looks at one, and then moves them around to leave you no clues - you reveal which one they looked at! Second, they repeat the above, but this time you just verbally reveal the color of the chip they looked at, without touching anything! Finally, you have them mix the chips again, and have them keep one, give one to you, and put one in the wallet. Astonishingly, a prediction that was eft in full view reveals the location of ALL THREE CHIPS!

Combining two classic mentalism principles (Bob Hummers Mathematical Monte, and Deddy Corbuziers Free Will) gives a pack small, plays big, three phase self-working routine that is always ready to go - no reset required. And, as always with the Dead Rebel Productions, the props are second to none. The chips are custom printed in full color, the leather wallet looks gorgeous (and will only look better with age) and the whole thing comes wrapped in a faux tobacco packaging. Even the prediction card looks amazing!