Tumi Magic Presents TRAPPED by Erick White


Tumi Magic presents TRAPPED by Erick White

Imagine being able to catch a signed card from the spectator in an item as commercial as a Tic Tac, it's incredible right? An element so well known in the world and now you can do magic with it at your fingertips.

With Trapped it is now possible, a subtly crafted gimmick to create amazing and unexpected reactions.

Trapped has very important proposals:

  • The spectator can have Trapped, Tic Tac gimmick, in his hands before doing the effect.
  • You don't need to prepare anything, you just have to know the mercury fold technique, I'll teach you
  • The reset is instantaneous (less than a second)
  • Your hands are clean after performing it

In August 2023 at Magic Live we sold out Trapped, the response was incredible and as you can see in the video, we went for a walk to perform it in downtown Vegas and the reactions are surprising, the viewer has no suspicion that what they have in his hand is a gimmick, the trick is invisible to the eye and the result is incredible.

Trapped is 90% ready to use out of the box, you just need to add a normal Tic Tac and attach the gimmick, double tape included. We do not add it for transportation and practicality reasons.

Each product has 2 gimmicks: 1 blue and 1 red from the Bicycle brand. Also, some Tic Tac shaped stickers to hide the magnet that you must place inside the Tic Tac.

Online instructions in English.