Money-Money by Mickael Chatelain


FASTER BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE! With MONEY-MONEY, a playing card turns into a bank note! A transformation as fast as lightning, a transformation on sight, in full light, in front of your spectators!


Explain to your spectators that your last trip to Las Vegas was truly amazing and that luck was with you during your stay. Take your deck of cards and explain that one evening you played blackjack! Then take out 2 cards from your deck, to explain your words and above all to explain to your spectators that with these two cards, you won! Make your spectators relive this memory!

Then, hold the two cards in front of your spectators and without any suspicious movement or manipulation, the 2 cards change into DOLLARS! Believe me friends, you have to see it to believe it because the transformation is just unbelievable! Show the tickets to your spectators, no more trace of the 2 cards!

We emphasize this point; THE TRANSFORMATION IS INCREDIBLY FAST! Let your imagination run wild with MONEY-MONEY! Also perform transformations, disappearances, ticket appearances... and all this in sight!

Watch the video demonstration by clicking on the link below (video without any editing or camera trick) and tell yourself that you are going to do the same thing! Also remember the highlights below

  • Ultra easy to present
  • No handling
  • Immediate reset
  • Customize your effects at will
  • Impossible to miss
  • 100% mechanical

MONEY-MONEY comes ready to work! Nothing to make! Receive your turn and present it immediately!