CRACK by Mickael Chatelain

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"I have always had a weakness for big illusions, especially that of the woman cut in two! I love doing big close-up illusions because the audience really remembers them."

CRACK is a big illusion for close-up, yes in front of your spectators you will zig-zag a bank note, a €10 note for example!

Take a banknote, fold it in half lengthwise. Then show the 2 small plates and slide the note between them. The note remains clearly visible since the plates have holes. ZIG-ZAG the bill now in front of your spectators!

How it is possible?
The banknote is still visible, your spectators have not taken their eyes off it!

Spectators haven't doubt!
The bill is undeniably cut in two, it is not possible otherwise! Put the 2 pieces of the bill back in the same axis and remove it from between the plates. The ticket is 100% INTACT! Show the front and back, the banknote is 100% INTACT, in 1 single piece!