Brain Bogglers by Meir Yedid


For many years Meir Yedid has been opening his stage, parlor, and formal close-up shows with a series of three optical illusions/brain twisters where he explains how magic works. The premise is that we tell you the truth, but your brain lies to you.

Within the presentation he explains; "The reason these illusions work is that our brains are programmed for survival and not for reality. They will consistently lie to us and misinterpret things to seemingly protect us. Magicians take advantage of that, and the reason I am exposing it to you is that I believe the more you know about magic, the more you can appreciate it." The routines taught with these self-working illusions can be used as an entire act by themselves or individually.

The three optical illusions/brain twisters are the standard Word Skipping Illusion, Cornsweet Illusion, and Thatcher illusion, although they have been modified to optimize the live presentations and make them more interesting. Suitable for close-up, parlor, and stage. They are also ideal for speakers and emcees.

Comes complete with the three optical illusions, printed on 11.25" x 11.25" cardboard, and access to an online video tutorial where you will see live performances, as well as handling, and presentational tips and ideas. The tutorial also includes some additional related bonus stuff.