Hands Off! by Steve Cook and Alan Wong


Hands-Off! is simply that: a totally hands-off, Bank-Night effect! Based on my best-selling effect, Volition, which is marketed by Alakazam Magic. This new version is a great close-up/ parlor opener because it brings in your audience in on the action and, whatever your style, it establishes the theme of your show. This is a real eye-candy, fun, thought-provoking and very entertaining effect.

Permission to release this version kindly granted by Peter Nardi (Alakazam Magic).

Four lucky envelopes are displayed. Three of these envelopes contain a humorous message, and one envelope contains a special prize. The performer states he'll attempt to subconsciously influence the outcome in his favor. A participant takes the envelopes and freely forms a random pile. They envelopes are then distributed, and the performer finishes with the special, prize envelope. A kicker gag finish then ensues. This effect is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

Nothing is added or taken away. There is no switch of any kind. Everything is examinable. No stooges. Reset time takes less than a minute. Everything is self-contained and can be carried in an inner breast jacket pocket. Remember, the performer touches nothing from beginning to end!

You are supplied with:

  • Four large lucky envelopes made from plastic-based.
  • Composite paper for durability.
  • Three humorous message cards and one money card.
  • Three small, lucky envelopes.
  • A quality holder to carry everything.
  • Fully detailed pdf instructions by Steve Cook.

Designed and produced by Alan Wong