Stealing Card Clip (Red or Blue) by N2G and WZ


This is a variety of clip magic, a clip magic revolution.

There has never been a clip magic that can clip out items larger than the clip itself. The magician takes out a clip on the table, the clip was empty and then takes out a pair of cards and allows the audience to choose one card. There is no need for a lot of extra tricks, the magician can directly clip the audience's cards from the air. You can also accurately clip the audience's cards when you drop cards. If you want to be cool, you can even fly the cards into the air, and the clip can instantly find the audience's cards. The whole process is full of visual emphasis after clamping the audience's cards. The clip and the audience's card selection can all be handed over to the audience for inspection without any trace of props!

It's a great tool for your magic show!