Jumbo Mind Entanglement by Hank and Joseph Lee


Released at the 2024 Blackpool Magic Convention, "Mind Entanglement" was extremely well received. There were also many requests for a larger version for parlor or stage, prompting the creation and release of the exclusive Mind Entanglement" JUMBO" edition.

Made to resemble postcards, this version brings the mystique of the matching effect more relatable, ensuring a deeper resonance with audiences and heightened comprehension of the mesmerizing effects.

Your performance can now consist of captivating tales of travel, showcasing your unique personality in a performance.

We've also considered how to make the matched postcards images more visible to everyone on stage. The custom storage package transforms into a stand for a presentation visible from the stage.

Product Features:

  • Custom storage box for convenience, portability and secure storage.
  • The storage box doubles as an elegant stand, allowing for tabletop display during performances.
  • Exceptional audience interaction, for real-world performance.
  • Well-known landmarks are easily relatable, making it easy to incorporate into stories.

The Set includes:

  • Custom-designed card storage box
  • Set of 10 postcards
  • Online tutorial complete with English subtitles

Elevate your magic, captivate your audience, and embark on an enchanting journey with "Mind Entanglement - JUMBO Edition."