Linking Bands by Fernando Moreno


The magician shows three rubber bands hanging from the fingertips, stretching them to show that they are regular ones. Then, one by one they get linked together in a very clear and magical way forming a chain with the bands until they finally are shown unlinked.

With LINKING BANDS, you will be able to create a visual routine always ready to perform in your close-up shows, social media or walk around magic. A beautiful parlor or musical rubber bands routine using just three rubber bands, the limit is your imagination. Very visual and commercial magic for both laymen and magicians. More than a static routine, it is a tool to use your own moves.

Includes a set of three bands ready to go and some spares rubber bands.

Full online instructions one hour length showing the handling and different techniques and sleights to help you to create your own routines.

"A twist to the linking rings, modern, simple, visual... This is a must for rubber band lovers."
Marcos Waldemar

"Revolutionary!! I can't wait to add this to my show at the theater!!"
Gogo Cuerva