Sand Deck by Martin Braessas

US$30.00 US$27.00

From The mind of Martin Braessas comes Sand Deck. You will be able to produce a whole deck of cards from a single card!

If you are looking for your perfect virtual opener this is it! Once you produce the deck you can continue using it for your favorite routines!

You receive 2 different Gimmicks ready to use them out of the box and a 30 min tutorial where you will learn different handlings and also how to make extra gimmicks to use them with any deck you have at home!

  • Easy to do!
  • Super visual!
  • Perfect for social media!

"Sand Deck can make for a great opener. It's a dramatic method of introducing a deck to your spectators!"
The Magic Portal

"Quick and easy to create, this is the perfect intro for your card magic routine. The audience will have NO idea. Do yourself a favor and watch the intro video.. then, you'll HAVE to buy it!"
Rick Carruth

"If you need a great opener to attract your spectators, add this effect to your routine now!"
Chinese Magic Review