Bigblindmedia Presents John Bannon's Surreal Killer Packet Trick


Bigblindmedia presents Surreal Killer by John Bannon Comes with the six special custom printed playing cards you need!

Surreal Killer - You start by displaying a packet of fully blank playing cards. These are our 'blank canvases'! With a snap one of them impossibly prints with the artistic statement, "This Is Not A Hole". How strange!

Returning attention to the packet, one of the double blank cards suddenly appears with a REAL hole cut right through the middle of it. "This is a hole!" You drop it to the table. Then another card acquires a hole. AND THEN ANOTHER ONE!

While you spectator is still reeling from these impossible apparitions you flip the three "hole" cards face up to reveal they all have another artistic statement printed on their previously blank backs?!?!

Oh - and just to ice the cake, you now flip the last remaining blank card to show that it's a "hole" card, too: the word 'WHOLE' printed right across the face of the card!

AND, despite every side of all four cards CHANGING - those THREE cards mysteriously acquiring massive holes through them - YOU END TOTALLY CLEAN!

The entire routine, with all it's incredible phases, requires just two simple sleights, both easy to learn and both taught on the Video Download Instructions.

Suitable for working pros, enthusiastic hobbyists and beginners alike, Surreal Killer is the perfect pocket trick. It's self-contained - using just the six provided cards - and leaves a tone of latitude for you to print your own performance style on it!

  • A self-contained pocket miracle. The 6 specially printed cards are supplied in a wallet for easy transport/protection.
  • Easy to perform. Requires only two basic sleights, both of which are taught on the video download instructions.
  • Totally examinable. You end clean with nothing to hide.
  • Entertaining, fooling, multi-phased.